Lettuce Keeper



Save lettuce and other foods the smart way by getting this lettuce storage container from Walter Drake. The Lettuce Keeper™ keeps leaves clean, crisp and ready to eat. It does so by draining the excess water into a reservoir, maintaining food's natural humidity for added life. This also means you can rinse the lettuce without water pooling on the leaves.

Using a lettuce saver preserves flavor by preventing premature wilting. Additionally, you can use this storage dish for spinach, green beans, carrots, tomatoes, leftover pasta and other dishes whose lifespan is shortened by the excess moisture a refrigerator generates. Our Lettuce Keeper™ includes a clear plastic bowl, reservoir spike and lid that measure 7" H x 8" diameter. It's completely dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning once you've used up all the lettuce. Add it to your fridge and see for yourself why Walter Drake is a one-stop-shop for unique food storage solutions.

  • Keeps lettuce fresh and crisp
  • Can be used for other vegetables, too
  • Excess water drains into a reservoir
  • Maintains food's natural humidity
  • Dish is 7" H x 8" diameter with raised lid
  • Dishwasher safe
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