Lighthouse Shaped Puzzle



Anyone who loves the sea and puzzles will adore this exclusive 790-piece lighthouse puzzle from Walter Drake. The puzzle artwork features a collage of brightly detailed lighthouse scenes from around the country. As you work on the puzzle, calm coastlines, ocean reefs, rocky shores and twilight seas will take shape — all of them overseen by a trustworthy lighthouse. To cap it all off, the puzzle itself is shaped like one big lighthouse. Once you're done, you can laminate the puzzle for display on a wall or in a case.

Our lighthouse collage jigsaw puzzle is a fun project by yourself or with family and friends. Unplug from the TV and phone and relax while still keeping your mind active. The pieces are made of durable cardboard that can survive being dropped on the floor or kicked under the couch. Note that, because the pieces are small, this puzzle is not appropriate for children under three years old. Walter Drake is where to find entertaining and challenging activities at great prices that provide a brain workout you'll look forward to.

  • 790-piece puzzle
  • Jigsaw puzzle pieces are crafted of durable cardboard
  • Finished puzzle is approximately 20" x 35"
  • A thoughtful gift for lighthouse lovers, puzzle fans and anyone seeking a fun brain workout
  • SMALL PARTS: Not for <3 years
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