Long Arm Disposable Cleaning Gloves Set of 50



Long-Arm Disposable Cleaning Gloves from Walter Drake help you clean smarter. These gloves don't just cover your hands — they extend well up your arms for extra protection.

Our long-arm disposable cleaning gloves are a generous 23 1/2" long to cover your hands and your arms while you're engaged in messy activities. These thick, strong plastic cleaning gloves are ideal for cleaning with harsh chemicals, handling food, helping a loved one with hygienic care, coloring hair, bathing or picking up after pets, and many other tasks. The extended length also makes these gloves ideal for covering bandages or casts on hands, wrists and forearms while bathing.

This value-priced set includes 50 ambidextrous disposable gloves. One size fits most hands and arms.

  • Strong plastic cleaning gloves protect arms and hands
  • Extra-long gloves measure 23 1/2" long
  • Set includes 50 gloves that can be used on either right or left hands
  • One size fits most hands and arms
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