Long Handled Dust Pan With Broom



Make quick work of daily cleanups with our Long-Handled Dustpan and Broom Set, designed to save your back while saving you time. With this set, the need for stooping or bending is a thing of the past—our long handle dustpan makes it effortless to keep your floors spotless.

The dynamic combination not only spares you from discomfort but also maximizes efficiency in your cleaning routine. Built to last, its durable construction promises longevity for those frequent tidying tasks that seem never-ending. Investing in this practical pair means more savings since there's no constant replacement needed—you get enduring quality that stands up to regular use.

Featuring a tall 32" plastic handle on both broom and dust pan with handle, every sweep becomes easier as awkward straining and crouching are eliminated from the equation entirely. The convenience doesn't end after sweeping; these tools snap together seamlessly offering compact standup storage without taking over precious closet space.

Our dustpan with a long handle isn't just about keeping things tidy—it's about integrating smart design into everyday life so chores become less burdensome allowing you more freedom for what truly matters.

Arriving ready for some simple assembly, once put together they'll form an essential part of your home maintenance arsenal—one that lets even small spills feel like no trouble at all!

  • Long-handled dustpan and broom are both made from durable plastic
  • Dustbin handle is 32” long to accommodate people of most heights
  • Dustbin is 9” wide to allow easy cleanup of most messes
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