Long Handled Dust Pan With Broom



Our Long-Handled Dustpan and Broom Set saves the day. Sweep up everyday messes without strenuously stooping or bending. Long handled dustpans make it easy to conquer housework while saving your back from unnecessary strain.

Not only does this dynamic duo save your back — it saves your time and money, too. Durable construction is made to last for quick clean-ups that let you quickly get back to more important activities.

The tall, 32" plastic handle eliminates awkward straining and crouching every time you need to sweep the floor. This long-handled dustpan and broom snap together for easy standup storage in very little space. Make everyday quick sweeps a breeze by letting the dustpan with long handles do the work for you. Some assembly is required.

  • Long-handled dustpan and broom are both made from durable plastic
  • Dustbin handle is 32” long to accommodate people of most heights
  • Dustbin is 9” wide to allow easy cleanup of most messes
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