Magnetic Eyeglass Holders, Set of 2


Find your eyeglasses right where you left them with these sleek Magnetic Eyeglass Holders. Compact vegan leather eyeglass holder gently clips on clothing, belts or bags; then simply slide glasses' bow through the loop to securely hang your essential eyewear on the go. No more scratched lenses or losing your favorite pairs. Perfect for shopping, dining, outdoor activities, travel, and reading or cooking at home! Set of 2 includes black and snake glasses holders; each 3" L x 1 1/8" W x 1/2" H. 80% polyurethane/10% polyester/10% magnet.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • 80% polyurethane/10% polyester/10% magnet
  • Set of 2 includes black and snake glasses holders
  • Each measures 3" long x 1 1/8" wide x 1/2" high
  • Holders gently clip on clothing, belts or bags for easy portability
  • Helps prevent scratched lenses or losing your favorite glasses
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