Magnetic Jewelry Clasps S/2



Securing jewelry for an evening out is a breeze when you have a magnetic clasp for your necklace. Most precious gems have tiny clasps that are hard to hook or screw together — especially with one hand. With a magnetic jewelry clasp, you can snap chains and bracelets in place without needing to ask others for help. The design consists of two spring rings that hook to either end of the jewelry piece and attach to the clasp. All you then have to do is "snap" the ends together for a secure grip.

These magnetic jewelry clasps make your jewelry easier to wear so you can show it off. If your current clasps have broken or you're tired of trying to fasten them, snap clasps are a simple and affordable solution. They take seconds to install and are durable for daily use. Each clasp set has four spring rings and two clasps in a gold or silver color to accent your jewels. Count on Walter Drake for jewelry and fashion accessories that help you look great on any occasion.

  • Stop struggling with tricky jewelry fasteners
  • Equip your necklaces and bracelets with magnetic clasps
  • Attaches easily to existing clasps
  • Alloy, copper and magnet
  • Set of 2
  • Each about 1-1/4"L x 3/8"dia.
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