Magnetic Zipper Compression Socks


Relieve sore, aching muscles & poor circulation with these Magnetic Zipper Compression Socks. Incredible stockings pack a triple dose of powerful pain-reduction therapies. They feature gentle graduated 9-17 mmHg compression with an easy on/off zip-up style and magnetic therapy, believed by millions to help ease pain and increase circulation. Get powerful relief for sore, aching muscles, poor circulation, varicose veins and more. S/M fits calves up to 16"; L/XL fits calves up to 19". Cotton/poly/elastane. Imported.
  • Cotton/poly/elastane construction
  • S/M fits calves up to 16". L/XL fits calves up to 19"
  • Gentle graduated 9-17 mmHg compression relieves sore, aching muscles
  • Built-in magnetic therapy is believed by many to help ease pain and increase circulation
  • Imported
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