Magnifying Rain Gauge



You'll know immediately how much rain your vegetables and flowers are getting when you have an Acu-Rite large rain gauge to track it. This easy-read rain-measuring gauge can hold up to five inches of water and is made of clear plastic that won't rust or smudge. The numbers and measurement lines are 35 percent larger than a standard rain gauge so you can read the results from a distance. That means you don't have to trudge through wet and swampy grass after a storm to check in on your garden.

Our large-number rain gauge is an affordable way to get accurate local rain measurements without having to estimate. By knowing what you've had for rainfall, you can properly plan any side-watering for the best growth. The gauge is 2" wide x 11" high and has a big impact for such a small footprint. Stake it into the ground in your garden or use standard screws to mount it to walls and siding. Trust Walter Drake for your garden and lawn care needs with this practical accessory that will make you feel more like a professional.

  • Magnifying, easy-to-read rain gauge
  • Our best rain gauge is 35% larger than traditional rain gauges
  • Easy to read at a distance
  • In 1", 1/2" and 1-centemeter increments
  • Stakes easily into the ground
  • Easy to drain
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