Men's Non Skid Slippers


Made from stretchy chenille polyester, these luxuriously plush men's slippers are exceptionally soft. The extra-long tops provide cozy coverage for cold ankles and the nonskid moccasin soles increase your everyday safety. The nonconfining fit makes these men's nonslip slippers ideal for those with foot conditions or swelling. Polyester and spandex. Machine wash, air dry. One size; fits men's shoe sizes 9-12. Imported
  • Made from stretchy spandex and chenille polyester
  • Extra-long tops provide cozy coverage
  • Nonskid moccasin soles
  • Nonconfining fit is ideal for foot conditions or swelling
  • Machine wash, air dry
  • One size fits men's shoe sizes 9-12
  • Imported
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