Menthol Camphor Ointment 4.125 oz.



When your head feels like a fully inflated balloon, you can't breathe with your mouth closed and you can't stop coughing, you're in misery. Find instant relief with the natural nasal-clearing properties of menthol and camphor in this medicated rub. Best of all, this camphor menthol ointment contains no acetaminophen, aspirin or other drugs — only natural extracts from evergreen trees.

Rub menthol camphor ointment liberally on your chest and throat. The cool scent of menthol and the bright aroma of camphor immediately open your nasal passages so you can breathe easier. The camphor menthol combination also has pain relieving qualities that help quiet a nagging cough and soothe achy muscles.

  • Menthol camphor ointment contains no aspirin, acetaminophen or other drugs
  • Product provides 4.12 ounces of ointment
  • Use to find relief from nasal congestion and naturally quiet a cough
  • Rub onto chest and throat for best results
  • Do not ingest this ointment
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