Merry Christmas Seals Set of 250



Wish the people in your life a very happy holiday season with our Merry Christmas envelope seals. These festive Christmas envelope stickers feature a cheerful seasonal greeting along with a jolly sprig of holly. Sold in sets of 250, these holiday envelope seals can give you a break from licking all the envelopes for the cards you send to friends, family, coworkers and clients during the Christmas season. Our envelope seals have a die-cut edge, making them easy to peel off the sheet for a festive touch for any holiday mailing.

Whether you shop at Walter Drake for Christmas cards or prefer customized photo cards, you can always use our holiday envelope seals. Plus, with 250 stickers, you may be able to make them last more than one Christmas season!

  • Merry Christmas envelope seals
  • Set of 250
  • 1 1/2" dia. each
  • Die-cut edges offer an elegant touch
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