Merry Christmas Tabletop Sign by Holiday Peak™


Wishing a bright "MERRY CHRISTMAS" with a snowflake on top, this sign is one of those classic holiday details that makes your home feel warm, inviting and festive during the holiday season. The freestanding wood Merry Christmas sign is perfect on a table, mantel or kitchen countertop, and its traditional style works with any Christmas décor, making it a thoughtful, unique holiday gift. Crafted of sturdy, wood-like MDF with artful painted details and easy-to-read white print on red and green blocks, the Merry Christmas tabletop sign is a treasure to enjoy for many holidays to come. Exclusively designed by Holiday Peak™, this artful holiday decor is affordable and only found here. Measures 7 2/3" x 7 2/3".
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Wishing a bright "MERRY CHRISTMAS"
  • Perfect on a table, mantel or kitchen countertop
  • Crafted of sturdy, wood-like MDF with artful painted details
  • Exclusively designed by Holiday Peak™
  • 7 2/3" x 7 2/3"
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