Mesh Shower Slippers



When it comes to protecting your feet in highly-populated bathing areas, Walter Drake Mesh Shower Slippers are an effective solution. The stretchy white nylon upper comfortably wraps around your feet and barely feels like it's there. A high back keeps them on your feet as you walk, while the lack of a front seam eliminates toe irritation.

People of all ages will live the comfort and protection our mesh shower shoes provide. They're a practical accessory for health clubs, hospitals, camping trips, pools and many other occasions. We carry 3 different sizes of white shower shoes for both men and women. For a surprisingly low price, you can improve safety and hygiene every time you step into the shower. Walter Drake is known for our unique values and will protect your feet with the right bathing shoes.

  • White mesh is quick dry
  • Durable sole helps prevent cuts, athlete's foot and other infections at the gym and in public saunas, whirlpools and baths
  • Unisex shower slippers are available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. See the sizing chart above to see what numerical sizes correspond with these mesh shower shoes
  • Allow to dry completely between use
  • Hand wash
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