Mock Turtleneck Dicky



When the winter arrives, one of the biggest challenges is keeping your neck warm. A Unisex Dickie Mock Turtleneck provides an extra layer for your upper body that doesn't weigh you down. This false front shirt covers the neck and chest area while fitting neatly under cardigans, sweatshirts, blouses and other long-sleeves. Mock turtleneck dickies are especially popular among motorcycle riders who want to protect their neck from bitter winds. They're also a fashionable addition for outdoor security guards, snowmobilers, skiers and others who need warmth without bulk.

Add a layered look that's effective in cold weather with our dickie turtlenecks. They're made of a 65/35 polyester/cotton blend that is fully breathable to wick away moisture. The extra-long 12" design makes it easier to tuck into your primary layer and reduce the chances of it coming undone. We carry the one-size-fits-most turtleneck dickie in five colors such as black, navy blue and white to match your wardrobe. Shop at Walter Drake for clothing and accessories that help you dress smarter and more stylishly at a low price.

  • 65% polyester/35% cotton
  • Adds layered look
  • Tucks under blouses or sweaters
  • Machine washable
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