Multi-Use Torch Light by LivingSURE™


You'll find so many ways to LOVE this Multi-Use Torch Light , whether used as a flashlight or COB lantern. A COB light (which stands for chip-on-board) features an array of LED chips, tightly packed together to create a super bright light. The weatherproof plastic housing makes this LED light perfect for outdoor use, and its shape is easy to carry like a flashlight, yet it stands on its own for a torch light with 360° rotating head, and can be hung from the handle's hook to use as a task light in the garage or to light up backyard or campsite when hung from a clothesline. Simply press the ON/OFF button once to turn on at low brightness, press button twice to switch on high brightness, and switch it a third time to turn the flashlight and camping lantern off. Simply swivel the light/battery housing component to alternate between flashlight/torch and work light/lantern. Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included). LED lantern and flashlight measures 3" L x 3" W x 5 3/4" H. By LivingSURE™.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Weatherproof plastic housing
  • Measures 3" long x 3" wide x 5 3/4" high overall
  • COB light offers powerful illumination for projects, camping and more
  • 360° rotating head can be used as a task light
  • By LivingSURE™
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