Nail-On Furniture Sliders, Set of 8


Enjoy smooth moves with Nail-On Furniture Sliders that help keep floors looking new. Durable furniture pads stay in place on furniture legs to help you move pieces without scratches, scuffs, friction or noise. Perfect for any wooden furniture, including tables, chairs, stools, sofa and more—simply drill a small hole in leg bottom, and then tap the furniture gliders into the premade hole. These sofa, table and chair leg pads quickly and easily over wooden, laminate, vinyl, tile or carpeted floors. Set includes 8 furniture coasters, each 1" dia. and 5mm thick. Plastic/metal.
  • Durable plastic/metal design
  • Set of 8 furniture sliders
  • Each measures each 1" dia. and 5mm thick
  • Glides easily tap into furniture legs for stay-in-place convenience
  • Eliminates noise and helps protect wooden, laminate, vinyl, tile or carpeted floors
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