No Mess Cake or Pie Server



Enjoy every bite of a delicious dessert with the help of our no-mess cake and pie server. This unique tool does it all while eliminating common serving annoyances such as frosting on your fingers or cake slices falling on their side. Simply cut a slice of pie or cake, then wedge the stainless steel pie lifter underneath it. Squeeze the handle lever and your dessert slides forward onto a plate mess-free. Transferring from tray to plate takes seconds with a single tool. The rust-resistant serving utensil can be hand-washed and easily fits into your cutlery drawer.

Owning a pie cutter and server means guests can sink their teeth into a full dessert without half of it ending up on the pan, tray or floor. It also retains the decorative look of your creations right up to when someone's appetite takes over. Use your no-mess dessert server for birthday cake, Thanksgiving pie, cheesecake, quiche, fudge and other items best enjoyed by the slice. It's one of many affordable kitchen gadgets available at Walter Drake that help you bake and serve like a professional chef.

  • Stainless steel
  • 9 1/2" long
  • Mess-free use
  • Lever design to slide cake, pie or quiches onto a plate
  • Hand-wash
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