No-Show Knee High Compression Socks


No more worrying about compression socks slipping down or showing at your ankles with certain shoe styles. A clever keyhole cutout makes these knee high compression socks a no-show with high heels, flats, boots, running shoes and more. Energizing compression socks provide therapeutic relief to reduce leg fatigue and swelling. They never slip down and help prevent blisters. Made from 80% polyester/18% nylon/2% lycra. One size fits most no-show compression socks. Black.
  • Knee high socks wont slip down
  • Keyhole cutout provides no-show wearing with certain shoe styles
  • Energizing compression socks help reduce leg fatigue and swelling
  • They never slip down and help prevent blisters
  • 80% polyester/18% nylon/2% lycra
  • One size fits most
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