Nonstick Oven Liner



Protect your oven from the unavoidable drips and spills of cooking with our Non-Stick Oven Liner from Walter Drake. This innovative mat is a game-changer for anyone who dreads the post-cooking cleanup of scrubbing burnt food off their oven floor.

Strategically place this resilient oven spill mat on the bottom rack, creating an effective barrier between your delicious dishes and the hard-to-clean surfaces below. Even when faced with sticky sweets or bubbling casseroles that bubble over, rest assured any mess will slide effortlessly off this non-stick surface—either by wiping it down or conveniently placing it in your dishwasher.

Designed to resist heat up to 550° Fahrenheit, these liners are more than capable of handling whatever baking endeavors you undertake without warping or deteriorating. Measuring a generous 26" L x 18" W, they fit comfortably in most standard ovens but can also be trimmed for those unique spaces requiring a custom size.

Investing in our versatile Oven Bottom Liner means saving time on cleaning so you can spend more moments savoring life's flavorful joys! It's not just about keeping things tidy; it’s about adding simplicity and ease into every culinary adventure you embark upon—with less stress over spills that used to cause big headaches!

  • Protects oven from burnt-on messes
  • Measures 26" L x 18" W (can be trimmed to fit)
  • Safe up to 550° Fahrenheit
  • Reusable nonstick liners
  • Dishwasher safe
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