Nuvera™ Cabinet and Wood Cleaner


Your kitchen cabinets will look better than new! Nuvera™ Cabinet and Wood Cleaner safely cleans cabinets and all finished wood surfaces. This 3-in-1 furniture cleaner and wood protector removes dirt, food, grease and waxy buildup. Restores the wood’s natural sheen while preventing stains, water spots, fading and cracking. Leaves behind a protective finish—all with a few quick sprays. Use this wood cleaning solution on cabinets, tables, furniture, molding and more. 24 fl. oz. Made in the USA.
  • Contains 24 fl. oz.
  • Formulated to safely clean wooden cabinets, furniture, molding and all finished wood surfaces
  • Removes dirt, food, grease and waxy buildup while restoring wood’s natural sheen
  • Leaves behind a protective finish to prevent stains, water spots, fading and cracking
  • Made in the USA
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