Old English Initial Personalized Roll Address Labels, Set of 200


Return address labels with an Old English initial! Personalized address labels are an ideal way to address envelopes, fill out applications and rebates, label CDs, books and travel guides. Set of 200 self-stick; 2 x 3/4". Specify up to 4 lines, 30 letters and spaces each.
  • Design – These labels are inspired by old English print, with an enlarged initial on the side to reflect that
  • Self-Stick – Labels require no effort in peeling and placing on any desired package
  • Set – Each set comes with a generous 200 labels, making this item long lasting and a bang for your buck
  • Dimensions – Each label is 2” LONG x ¾” WIDE, the perfect size for any envelope, package, gift, and more.
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