Old Fashioned Root Beer Barrel Candy, 14 oz.


Old Fashioned Root Beer Barrel Candy has been America's favorite root beer-flavored treat for over a century. A classic American candy that bring back a nostalgic feeling of trips to the corner store, treats for a job well done and grandma's candy dish filled with your favorite sweet root beer hard candy treats.
Each root beer candy contain hints of licorice, wintergreen and vanilla flavors that, when combined, make up that time-honored delicious root beer flavor. Each root beer barrel candy is individual wrapped inside this 14-oz. package. Add them to candy dishes for your children or your grandchildren, your students or give them out at Halloween to introduce today's generation to the classic root beer flavor.
  • 14-oz. package
  • Individually wrapped candies
  • Each Old Fashioned Root Beer Barrel Candy is infused with root beer flavor
Sugar, Corn Syrup, Artificial Flavor, U.S. Certified Colors (Including Fd&C Yellow 6, Red 40 And Blue 1).
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