Omelet Pan


Omelet pan poaches eggs, too! Simply pour mixture into sides, cook over stovetop, now flip. Presto! Puffy omelets are ready! Folding omelet pan features triple egg insert to easily poach eggs. Dishwasher-safe pan has non-stick finish; 10 3/4'' dia., open, 1 1/4'' D. Easy assembly.
  • Versatile Breakfast Pan: Make fluffy omelets or delicious poached eggs with this handy multi-purpose egg pan. Simply pour your ingredients (eggs and topping) into the sides of the pan, cook over the stovetop and flip over to the other side. If you prefer poached eggs, use the triple egg insert that comes with the pan.
  • Non-Stick Finish: This omelet pan comes with a Teflon coating, minimizing the amount of baked on eggs from omelets. No longer stress out over cleanup and morning prep with the help of this pan. To continue using this pan for years to come, please remember not to use metal utensils on the surface
  • Simple and Quick Assembly: Easily put together this breakfast pan in a few steps with the included instructions.
  • Dishwasher Safe: In the unlikely event your breakfast sticks to the pan, simply place in the dishwasher or soak in warm, soapy water for 5 minutes before washing by hand.
  • Product Specifications: This pan is made of durable steel so you can quickly and efficiently make breakfasts for years to come. Skillet measures 10 ¾” in diameter when open and is 1 ¼” deep.
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