One-Click Butter Cutter by Chef's Pride™


Keeping hands and butter clean, this easy-to-use butter dispenser cuts neat, perfect slices with a simple squeeze of the click stick! A welcome alternative to a greasy butter dish, the 1-Click Butter Cutter keeps butter deliciously fresh and ready to slice—right into a frying pan, or directly onto toast, English muffins, waffles, pancakes, baked potatoes and more. It easily loads and holds 1 standard 5" L stick of hard butter or margarine (1/4 lb.), and measures out butter with 4 clicks per tablespoon, making it easy to control portions. Simply squeeze the yellow click stick to slice a tidy slab, and store the unique butter holder vertically in the fridge for airtight freshness and space-saving convenience. Great for cooking, and perfect for the supper table or buffet line, this convenient butter server is designed in durable plastic with contained stainless steel blade, so it's safe for younger butter lovers to use. Dishwasher safe. Butter stick holder and slicer measures 7 3/4" L x 3 1/4" D. By Chef's Pride™.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Plastic with contained stainless steel blade
  • 7 3/4" long x 3 1/4" deep
  • Holds 1 standard 5" long stick of hard butter or margarine (1/4 lb.)
  • Click stick measures out 1 tablespoon for every 4 clicks
  • Stores butter for airtight freshness
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