Outdoor Folding Side Table



Our quick-fold Outdoor Folding Side Table sets up and comes down in seconds! This is the folding patio table you’ll appreciate for backyard barbecues, or sit at it and relax with a snack and a good book. Our plastic portable folding side table sets up instantly to hold seed packets or a cold beverage while you're gardening, too.

This indoor or outdoor side table is perfect for camping because of its compact size—stow it in the trunk of a car or store it flat in an RV. No need to bring it indoors if it rains—the thick plastic is completely weather-resistant for long-term use. This folding side patio table measures 15" L x 17" W x 20" H. Order your table today and see why our customers love this versatile little table that is sure to become a favorite in your home.

  • Versatile, attractive, durable, and compact
  • Can be used for camping, inside, on the deck
  • Opens easily
  • Folds flat for storage
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