Oxygenics® Amp® Handheld Shower Head


Enjoy a luxurious shower experience while saving water! The difference is in the pressure-boosting technology, extra-large 5" spray face, and 10 different settings, including waterfall, massage, multi-oxygenics and more. Remove the detachable shower head from its holder for handheld use — perfect for caregivers of kids, pets or seniors. Thanks to the efficient 1.8-GPM shower head, you can save more than $125 annually on water bills too! Install this Oxygenics shower head in minutes without special tools; includes handheld shower, 72" L stainless steel hose that won't clog, holder and plumber's tape.
  • Extra-large 5" spray face
  • 10 settings: waterfall, massage, multi-oxygenics and more
  • Remove sprayer from its holder for handheld use
  • Efficient 1.8-GPM shower head saves you money
  • Installs in minutes without special tools
  • Also includes 72"L stainless steel hose, holder and plumber's tape
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