Pants Stretcher Set of 2


Save time and energy by using this set of two pant leg stretchers from Walter Drake to get perfectly creaseless pants. Each stretcher helps to keep your pants smooth and sleek until you're ready to wear them. You won't have to spend time ironing the wrinkles out of your pants any longer with the help of this handy device. Plus, it helps to prevent shrinkage that can occur when pants are drying.
To use this set of pants leg stretchers, simply insert one frame into each leg of your pants after washing. Adjust the extendable sections of the frame to get the proper fit. Then, use the hook at the top to hang your pants to dry. The result is a pair of pants that is wrinkle-free and stylish.
  • Set of 2 pant leg drying frames
  • Keeps your pants from wrinkling as they air dry
  • Eliminates the need for an iron
  • Made from durable rust-proof, chrome-plated steel
  • Comes with 2 hangers
  • Designed to be used with both men's and women's pants
  • Each pant stretcher measures 12 3/8" long x 10 3/8" wide
  • Adjustable stretcher extends to 39" long x 17" wide.
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