Patriotic Hot Air Balloon Wind Spinner



America’s patriotic holidays are fast approaching. That means it’s time to discover some of the best new patriotic and the Fourth of July decorating ideas for outdoors. Our charming Patriotic Hot Air Balloon Wind Spinner is a festive choice when it comes to your July Fourth party décor, thanks to its delightful movement and its 3D design.

Hang one of our hot air balloon spinners from a lower-hanging branch of a tree in your yard, add to your porch or hook onto a shepherd’s hook. Decorating with unique red, white and blue garden décor couldn’t be easier. This Yankee-doodle dandy spinner’s design is inspired by the American flag, and features swirling stripes, proud stars and loads of American spirit.

This durable Fourth of July wind spinner is made from weather-resistant nylon and plastic for long-lasting wear in outdoor conditions. It includes a metal hanging clip that allows you to get creative with its placement in your yard. Easy assembly! This garden wind spinner measures 11” wide x 56” long with the hanging clip.

  • This wind spinner will wave a star spangled salute with it's decorative red, white and blue patriotic display topped with proud stars, swirling stripes and a curled spinning tail
  • Crafted of durable, weatherresistent nylon and plastic, you can hang this wind spinner for many seasons to come
  • Our patriotic hot air balloon wind spinner measures 11" wide x 56" long
  • Hang the wind spinner anywhere you want with the included hanging clip! Some suggestions - your deck, porch, a tree branch, shepherd's hook, or a garden
  • The simple assembly makes it easy to decorate for any patriotic holiday or any day you want to show your patriotic pride
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