Peace of Mind Bible Word Search Names of Jesus


Lifting up the name of Jesus in a variety of themed puzzles, Peace of Mind Bible Word Search Names of Jesus will uplift your spirit with inspired words of scripture—while helping keep your brain sharp. All 150 puzzles in this Christian-themed word games book are printed in large, bold type that won't strain your eyes. While you challenge your brain searching for hidden words and phrases, you'll have a chance to reflect on Bible verses that include the name of Jesus. From Prince of Peace to Immanuel, Bread of Life and Good Shepherd to Messiah, each word puzzle invites you to think about the love, grace and sovereignty of Christ while you find satisfaction solving a puzzle. Keeping your brain sharp, your eyes relaxed and your heart inspired, these puzzles highlight treasured passages and themes of the Bible, and you may find yourself committing verses to memory as you complete the puzzles. A great way to enjoy quiet reflection as you challenge your brain while expanding your knowledge of scripture, the word search book includes an answer key if you need a little help. It's a thoughtful religious gift for any puzzler enthusiast … and a treat for your own enjoyment! Softcover, 8 1/2" L x 11" W.
  • Softcover activity book
  • 8 1/2" long x 11" wide overall
  • Features 150 Christian-themed puzzles
  • Large, easy-to-read print won't strain your eyes
  • Challenge your brain while expanding your knowledge of scripture
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