Personal Rechargable Cooling Fan



Everyone’s temperature comfort levels are different, which is why our Hands-Free Rechargeable Personal Cooling Fan is such a big hit with our customers. You’ll stay cool, calm and collected — whatever the temperature may be — with this cleverly designed personal cooling fan that wraps around your neck to cool you off. Portable and easy to recharge with the included USB cord that measures 7 ¼” long, you’ll reach for this personal fan wherever you are. Take it to ball games, outdoor events, amusement parks and other activities. You’ll want to take this portable fan with you everywhere you go!

You’ll appreciate just how quiet this personal fan is — it won’t disturb those around you. Each charge will last from two to six hours, depending upon which of the three-speed settings are used. You’ll also enjoy the 360-degree rotation that will make sure the fan is in the right position to keep you the most comfortable. Our USB-rechargeable fan measures 10 ¼” long x 7” wide.

Caution: Tie up long hair before using.

  • Hands-free personal cooling fan design wraps around the neck to cool you off at events, after a workout or during a hot flash
  • Portable and easy to recharge, this personal fan is perfect for travel, camping, office, outdoor events, church and other activities
  • Features 3 speed settings, 360-degree rotation, lithium battery recharges with included USB cord, 7 1/4"L
  • Super quiet, won't disturb others, especially when you use it as a desk fan or neck fan with a charge that lasts 2-6 hours depending on speed
  • Rechargeable fan measures 10 1/4"L x 7"W, tie up long hair before using
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