Personalized Colorful Golf Tees with Case


Make every round of 18 more fun regardless of the score by using colorful golf tees personalized with your name. This set of 75 custom tees is made from premium wood with tees in a mix of seven colors. We’ll add your name in black letters along the side of each tee. Customized golf tees can also be printed with an organization name or short message for use at clubs, corporate outings and fundraisers.You’ll have plenty of tees in your bag when you order our Personalized Golf Tee Set from Walter Drake — and you’ll instantly be able to tell which tees are yours. Our standard-size golf tees come in a weather-resistant zippered nylon case that clips to golf bags, carts or belt loops. Instead of plain, ordinary tees, get a custom golf tee pack that is a lasting keepsake for the golf lover in your life. Shop for many other golf accessories at great prices to make your rounds memorable.
  • Premium wooden construction
  • Includes 75 tees
  • Tees: 2.75" long
  • Seven colors: navy blue, sky blue, green, yellow, red, white and pink
  • Nylon case: 6.25" long x 5.5" wide
  • Specify name/message — limit 1 line, 18 letters/spaces
  • Zippered case clips conveniently to golf bag or belt loop
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