Personalized Elf Doll


Looking for a charming and unique holiday gift idea for a special child? This Personalized Elf Doll will put a smile on their face and inspire lots of playtime fun. Available in boy or girl versions, each doll is crafted from soft and durable fabric. Perfect for imaginative play and snuggly bedtime cuddles. We'll embroider a name on the front of each elf to create a personalized holiday keepsake. Specify boy elf or girl elf. Specify name; limit 1 line, 10 letters/spaces. Made from brushed tricot. Spot clean. 4" L x 2" W x 8" H.
  • Brushed tricot
  • 4" long x 2" wide x 8" high overall
  • Soft and durable to withstand lots of play
  • Spot clean
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