Personalized Medical ID Tag Necklace


You’ll always be able to communicate with first responders when you have this medical alert necklace from Walter Drake. Our stainless-steel medical ID tags can be engraved with up to three lines (12 letters/spaces per line) of vital information. This data can include the person’s name, any medical condition(s), known allergies, current medications, an ICE phone number and much more — you get to choose! The other side of these medical alert tags has a red symbol showing responders where to look for info.Our engraved medical ID necklace is a life-saving accessory for yourself or a loved one. If you ever are unconscious and can’t speak to a medic, they’ll still be able to get vital information. The tag has an 18” long matching stainless steel chain and 3” extension to wear comfortably. Use medical tags for peace of mind that also adds style to your wardrobe. Walter Drake’s unique jewelry and other specialized items have been delighting customers since 1947.
  • Medical ID tag necklace provides peace of mind knowing you'll get the right help if you ever need it
  • Sleek stainless-steel tag features a red enamel medical alert symbol so first responders know at a glance where to look
  • Essential information such as name, medical condition and other important details are located on the back
  • Durable stainless 1" x 0.75" medical necklace tag includes an 18" long chain with a 3" extension
  • Personalize up to 3 lines — 12 characters each
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