Personalized Merry Christmas Wreath Ornament


A festive, folk art wreath and "Merry Christmas" wishes give this personalized ornament warm, holiday style … and when personalized, it's a cherished family treasure or thoughtful gift. Inspired by traditional, Nordic-style designs, the circle of holly and ivy botanicals creates a merry, minimalist style that brightens any Christmas tree, and can be hung on a wreath, displayed on a stocking, or creatively attached to a gift tag or bow. Printed on wood-like MDF, the Merry Christmas ornament includes a red hanging ribbon. Approx. 4" dia.
  • Share "Merry Christmas" wishes with a special ornament
  • Inspired by traditional, Nordic-style
  • Hang on a Christmas tree or a wreath
  • Printed on wood-like MDF
  • Includes a red hanging ribbon
  • Approx. 4" dia.
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