Personalized Nursing Word Art Photo Frame



Nurses are there when you need them the most and this beautiful personalized Nursing Word Art photo frame is a lovely way to show your appreciation for a favorite nurse. She or he may be a relative or friend who has dedicated their life to nursing those in need, or someone who has shown exemplary care of a loved one. Whatever role they play in your life, this frame is designed for a nurse who demonstrates caring, compassion and commitment in all sorts of patient care settings. The frame's soothing blue color offers a calming visual experience, while complementing the frame's heartwarming text graphics. Raised textures give this frame added depth, and the presence of stethoscopes give it medical authenticity.
Make it a one-of-a-kind frame by adding a name or initial for free. Alternatively, you can choose to add 2 lines of custom text to express a sentiment. This horizontal photo frame can be displayed on a table or hung on a wall.

  • Nursing appreciation picture frame
  • Outer dimension measures 8" x 10"
  • Holds a 4" x 6" horizontal photo
  • Easel stand
  • Sawtooth hangers
  • Raised texture on surface
  • Personalize up to 2 lines, 25 characters per line
  • Table or wall display
  • No returns on personalized items unless the item is damaged or defective
  • Please allow an additional 2 to 3 days for personalized items
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