Personalized Pet Memorial Stone


The Personalized Pet Memorial Stone from Walter Drake offers meaningful and lasting way to honor the bond you shared with a special pet. This durable stepping-stone style cat or dog memorial stone is made with three-season concrete and features a sweet paw print design. The stone reads: "You left your paw prints on our hearts."
For a custom touch, you can also choose to add your furry friend's name and the year to this personalized pet memorial garden stone. Simple click the "Personalize It" button and you'll be able to inscribe the stone with up to nine letters for the pet name and four characters for the year.
  • Made with three-season concrete (store inside during cold winter weather)
  • 8" W x 8" L x 1" H
  • Inscribed with the phrase "You left your paw prints on our hearts"
  • Optional customization for pet name and year
  • English letters and numbers only
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