Personalized Proud Military Fleece Throw Blanket


What a magnificent way to show your support as a proud military wife! Personalized Proud Military Fleece Throw Blanket features an American flag and plenty of space for personalization—perfect for celebrating the life and family of those who serve! Specify with your beloved service member's name, branch, location or any message you choose. Generously sized at 50" L x 60" W, this custom blanket is ideal for cuddling up or displaying on a bed or sofa. Specify upper name: limit 1 line, 15 characters. Specify lower name/message: limit 3 lines, 30 characters each. Polyester fleece. Machine wash.
  • Polyester fleece
  • 50" long x 60" wide overall
  • Perfect for staying warm or cozy display
  • Machine wash
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