Personalized Silvertone Merry Christmas Bell Ornament


Shining with style and sentiment, this Merry Christmas bell ornament becomes a custom keepsake when personalized with artful engraving. Catching the light with its brilliant silvertone finish, the bell-shaped treasure is engraved with "Merry Christmas", along with artful details like a ribbon etched on top and fancy scrollwork — adorned with a real jingling bell dangling at the base for added fun. Our expert engravers will add any name to this classic Christmas bell ornament, creating a thoughtful gift to love for many holidays to come. Specify name; limit 1 line, 12 characters/spaces. The Merry Christmas ornament is crafted of durable steel, plated in silvertone finish. Each custom ornament measures 2" W x 3" H.
  • Engraved with "Merry Christmas"
  • Includes an artful etched ribbon and fancy scrollwork
  • Adorned with a real jingling bell
  • Durable steel, plated in silvertone finish
  • 2" wide x 3" high
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