Pet Car Booster Seat



Our Pet Car Booster Seat provides a safer haven for your cat or dog while you’re on the go. A cat or dog car seat is a must-have for your furry friend and makes your errands or road trip a more comfortable and soothing experience. It not only boosts them up so they can better see outside, but it also provides them with a plush, soft surface in which to relax. An attached restraint keeps both your animal and the doggie booster seat in place. A convenient zippered compartment keeps treats, toys and other pet-related items organized and readily available for use.

This cat or dog car booster seat includes adjustable straps that fasten easily around multiple-sized headrests. Ideal for animals up to 20 pounds, this pet car seat is a pet travel essential that no pet parent should be without!

  • Keeps pets safely contained in car
  • Adjustable straps
  • Easy installation
  • Includes zippered compartment
  • Removable faux sheepskin lining
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