Poinsettia Collage Prayer Cards, Set of 40


Our pocket-sized Poinsettia Collage Prayer Cards are an inspiring way to share a Christmas prayer this season. They feature brilliant poinsettia flowers with greenery and are accented with gold foil. This set of 40 poinsettia cards are sure to spread the love of God this holiday season, and they are the perfect size to tuck into your Christmas cards.
  • Beautifully printed with a beloved Christmas poem to the Lord, each pocket card reminds you Jesus is the reason for the season … and is always right there where you are, in the stillness of your heart
  • Graced with vibrant red poinsettias and the image of a metal filigree border for a special touch
  • Printed on non-tear cardstock, the holiday cards are small enough to keep in your wallet or purse for sharing, and are perfect for tucking into Christmas cards
  • Set of 40. Each, 3 1/2" x 2 1/2".
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