Posture Support Back Cushion



Elevate your seating experience and embrace proper posture with our Posture Support Back Cushion. This versatile chair pillow for posture adds both comfort and crucial support to the back of any seat, encouraging you to sit up straight effortlessly.

At the foundation of this cushion lies a solid base providing essential pelvic support that fosters correct spinal alignment. Simultaneously, micro-beads at the center promote a natural curve in your lower back, reducing slouching which can lead to discomfort over time.

The unique design extends further up your spine; our structured back support cushion gently cradles the middle section of your back. It offers balanced assistance on both sides ensuring comprehensive alignment from lumbar region upwards—a feature often overlooked but vital for sustained sitting periods.

Customization is key—built-in loops allow you to add personal ties or straps making it adaptable across various seating scenarios—from car seats during long drives, dining chairs at meal times, wheelchairs offering additional relief where needed most—even cozy recliners as partake in evening relaxation rituals!

Measuring 13" W x 2 1/2" D x 17" H and crafted from polyester material—it's not only effective but also easy maintain with simple spot cleaning as required. Whether seeking enhanced ergonomic setup workspace or wanting bolster everyday comfort home—the Posture Cushion For Chair proves itself indispensable tool towards achieving better body mechanics day-to-day living!

  • Support and Relief – Ergonomically-designed cushion is contoured to help provide back support and pain relief, promote healthy spine alignment and posture, reduce pressure points, and improve blood circulation, helpful for those who experience discomfort from prolonged sitting, pregnancy, bulging and herniated discs, sciatica, arthritis, scoliosis and other conditions
  • Central Microbeads – Microbeads in the cushion’s center promote proper alignment in your lower back, while the sides cradle you with custom support
  • Built-In Loops – Incorporated side loops allow you to add your own ties and straps for a secure fit on all chairs
  • Versatile and Portable – Take this support cushion anywhere, perfect for long hours sitting in an office desk, kitchen chair, wheelchair, couch, car and more
  • Easy to Clean – Back support pillow measures 13 inches wide x 17 inches high x 2.5 inches thick, spot clean polyester as needed
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