Ring Guard Solution



If you have a ring that's a little bit too large, you don't need to spend an arm and a leg getting it resized by a professional jeweler. Simply apply Walter Drake Ring Guard Solution to the inside of the band for a snug-but-comfortable fit. This ring sizing gel is made of silicone and rubber that dries to a clear, soft plastic. Doing so makes the ring a slightly smaller size so it doesn't slip off. Ring gel is also great for joining two bands to form one larger ring or making clip-on earrings more comfortable.

Use this ring band glue to make any ring feel like it was made for you. It's great if you bought a ring between sizes, recently lost weight or have oddly-shaped fingers. The dried gel can be peeled off for resizing. Each 5.5-gram tube includes two applicators. Walter Drake has the right jewelry accessories at great prices to delight fashionistas everywhere.

  • Ring guard solution
  • Silicone/rubber
  • 5.5-gram tube
  • Includes 2 applicators
  • Great for joining 2 bands or making clip-on earrings more comfortable
  • Can be peeled off for resizing
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