Room Darkening Shade



If there are times where you don't need the bright sun shining into a room, Walter Drake blackout blinds will keep the sun outside. This room darkening shade shuts out annoying light quickly and easily. Our adjustable window shade fits any clean, dry windowpane or wall surface. Just trim the blind to fit, then peel and stick it to the top of the frame. It features clips to pull the shade up or down during day or night.

Room darkening window blinds are a must if you work odd hours, want to sleep in on the weekends or have furniture that might be damaged by excessive UV exposure. The durable, wipe-clean vinyl construction blocks out nearly all light to leave a room in darkness. It comes in a universal 36" wide x 75" long size that can be customized to fit windows 18" to 36" wide. Order these delightful blinds for every room where you want more control over light levels. You'll get a great price from the Walter Drake catalog.

  • Shut out annoying light quickly and easily
  • Durable wipe-clean vinyl construction
  • 36" wide x 75" long
  • Can be trimmed to fit windows 18" to 36" wide
  • Features new cordless design (complies with federal safety regulations)
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