Roy Toy Log Building Set – The Camp


Just as fun as when introduced in the 1930s, original Roy Toy building sets and packaging remain the same as they were when your parents' or grandparents' were kids! When you lift the box top and smell the wonderful scent of all-natural pine wood, you'll know this nostalgic set is still made with care by a family owned company, using all wood, dyed with a food-approved dye, and sanded to a smooth finish. The wooden toy building log set includes 37 pieces, with everything needed to build a nostalgic miniature log cabin. Building directions are included, and this solid wood set is packaged in a colorful, printed box. The best gift a parent or grandparent can give is time spent together, and this nostalgic toy kit has everything you'll need to build lifetime memories with someone you love. Roy Toy Log Building Sets are interchangeable, so The Camp is a great addition to The Farm (sold separately). Ages 3 and up. SMALL PARTS. Not for <3 yrs.
  • All-wood construction and dyed with a food-approved dye
  • Building log set includes 37 pieces
  • Building directions are included
  • Packaged in a colorful, printed box
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