Santa Hat Trinket Box Ornament



Give two gifts that last a lifetime by getting this Santa Hat Trinket Box Christmas ornament from our collection of unique holiday tree décor. Trinket box ornaments function as both a merry decoration and a small gift holder. The top half of the box is the red top of Santa's hat while the bottom is the wooly white cuff. Open it up and stash cash, jewelry, keys, gemstones and other knickknacks. A metal hinge and clasp hold the box shut. Holly leaves and a golden complete the impressive detail of our 3D Santa hat tree ornament.

There are many ways to bestow a holiday treasure box ornament on a deserving family member or friend. Slide it into their Christmas stocking, leave it at the dinner table, tie it to another gift or place it on their bedside table to wake up to. This ornament is made of a dolomite and zinc alloy with a red hanging ribbon. A flat bottom lets you display the ornament and the bonus gift inside on mantels or dressers. Walter Drake makes Christmas a joyous time for all with delightful gifts at low prices.

  • Merry 3D Santa Hat Trinket Box/Gift Box ornament comes ready to hang on your tree via a red ribbon
  • Gold details and accents
  • Hinged gift box opens to reveal a treasure inside
  • Brightly colored gift box ornament is made from dolomite and zinc alloy
  • 2 1/2" high
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