Santa Windsock by Holiday Peak™


Swaying in the breeze with holiday spirit, our Santa Claus windsock brings festive charm and merry motion to your outdoor display. Featuring a real jingling bell on the tip of his red stocking cap, this Santa outdoor decoration boasts a jolly face with rosy cheeks, big eyes, fluffy white eyebrows and a fuzzy faux sherpa mustache. His beard's long white streamers dance delightfully when December winds blow — and you may hear a little jingle on blustery days. Simply hang this holiday windsock from a flag pole, tree branch or shepherd's hook, and let the outdoor air bring his magic to life. A fun, festive decoration for yard, garden or balcony, the Santa windsock is exclusively designed by Holiday Peak™ in durable, weatherproof polyester with metal bell and keyring for hanging. Measures 10" L x 38" H.
  • A fun, festive decoration for yard, garden or balcony
  • Features a real jingling bell on his stocking cap
  • Also includes fluffy eyebrows and a fuzzy faux sherpa mustache
  • Exclusively designed by Holiday Peak™
  • Durable, weatherproof polyester
  • 10" long x 38" high
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