Seasons Stained Glass Jigsaw Puzzle by Holiday Peak™, 443 pieces


Detailed with the artful brilliance of a stained glass window, this Seasons Stained Glass Jigsaw Puzzle by Holiday Peak™ captures the beauty of nature's 4 seasons in 1 uniquely shaped puzzle. Starring spectacular seasonal birds, lush natural foliage and rich colorful landscapes, the Shaped jigsaw puzzle offers an enjoyable, challenging puzzle experience that's also a proven way to challenge your brain. The simple, age-old pastime of piecing together a jigsaw puzzle can help you unwind after a stressful day, and give you a tech-free option for improving your short-term memory and problem solving skills. Exclusively designed by Holiday Peak™, this premium shaped puzzle boasts vivid colors and sturdy, laser-cut cardboard pieces with smooth edges that fit together beautifully. When completed, the 443-pc. shaped puzzle creates a stunning work of art suitable for display. 19 3/4" L x 19 1/4" W when completed. Ages 3 and up. SMALL PARTS. Not for <3 yrs.
  • Made with sturdy, laser-cut cardboard pieces
  • 443-pc. puzzle measures 19 3/4" long x 19 1/4" wide when completed
  • Shaped design is unique and perfect for display
  • Great for stress relief and practicing mindfulness
  • By Holiday Peak™
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