Slim Rubberized Hangers, Set of 12



Transform and elevate your wardrobe storage with the innovative Slim Rubberized Hangers from Walter Drake. These slim-profile hangers are expertly designed to maximize closet space while meticulously maintaining the shape and integrity of your garments. By preventing wrinkles and ensuring organization, they bring a new level of efficiency to your clothing management.

Each hanger is enveloped in a unique rubberized coating that grips attire firmly—eliminating the frustration of shirts slipping off onto the floor or pants unfolding. This special finish guarantees that everything from delicate blouses to folded trousers remains securely in place, enhancing both neatness and accessibility within your closet.

Moreover, these extra-wide yet flexible rubber clothes hangers are exceptionally versatile, making them ideal for an array of clothing types including heavier items like sweaters and cardigans without risk of them dropping to the ground. Offered in sets of 12 at an exceptional value price point, these imported rubberized hangers measure 17 3/4" long each—promising not just superior functionality but also durability over time.

Investing in Slim Rubberized Hangers means embracing a clutter-free closet where every piece is perfectly preserved and readily accessible—a smart choice for anyone looking to streamline their wardrobe setup effortlessly.

  • Space Saving Design – Slim construction maximizes closet space while keeping it well-organized and easy-to-find
  • Anti-Slip Grips – Rubber-coated portions of each hanger keep clothes from slipping off or sliding to one end, easily secure shirts across the top and folded pants along the bottom bar without the need for extra padding or clips that leave dents in your garments
  • Durable Construction – Lightweight yet sturdy, these heavy-duty plastic hangers feature wide shoulders, so that they won’t break or bend easily, their superior construction is suitable to hang everything from blouses, camisoles, slacks and accessories to heavy coats, jackets, suits and more
  • Two-Tone Design – White plastic hangers with rubberized color accents add an extra pop of style to your bedroom, living room, apartment, dorm or RV closet
  • Value Pack – Affordable bundle, set of 12, each hanger is 17.75 inches long
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