Slim Rubberized Hangers, Set of 12



Upgrade your clothes storage and organize your closet by ordering Slim Rubberized Hangers from Walter Drake. The slim hangers save space while keeping clothing in place, preventing wrinkles and helping keep your closet organized. Each hanger is coated with a special rubberized finish to secure shirts across the top and folded pants on the bottom bar. The extra-wide, flexible clothes hangers are perfect for hanging sweaters, cardigans and more without them slipping to the floor. Hangers are sold in sets of 12 and are value-priced. Each imported hanger measures 17 3/4" long.

  • Space Saving Design – Slim construction maximizes closet space while keeping it well-organized and easy-to-find
  • Anti-Slip Grips – Rubber-coated portions of each hanger keep clothes from slipping off or sliding to one end, easily secure shirts across the top and folded pants along the bottom bar without the need for extra padding or clips that leave dents in your garments
  • Durable Construction – Lightweight yet sturdy, these heavy-duty plastic hangers feature wide shoulders, so that they won’t break or bend easily, their superior construction is suitable to hang everything from blouses, camisoles, slacks and accessories to heavy coats, jackets, suits and more
  • Two-Tone Design – White plastic hangers with rubberized color accents add an extra pop of style to your bedroom, living room, apartment, dorm or RV closet
  • Value Pack – Affordable bundle, set of 12, each hanger is 17.75 inches long
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