Small Spread 'n Slice


Making sandwiches is easier and more fun with this all-in-1 utensil! Small Spread 'n Slice features a paddle-shaped blade with riveted wood handle to scoop up and evenly spread soft cheeses, peanut butter and all kinds of condiments. Stainless steel spatula is serrated on one side too, so it's cleanly slices English muffins, cuts sandwiches and more. 7 1/2" L with 3 3/4" L blade. Hand wash.
  • Stainless steel with riveted wood handle
  • 7 1/2" long with 3 3/4" long blade
  • Paddle-shaped blade easily scoops and spreads soft cheeses, peanut butter and all kinds of condiments
  • Serrated on one side to cleanly slice English muffins, cut sandwiches and more
  • Hand wash
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